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Heissi marroni

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Heissi Marroni, literally translated as roasted chestnuts, is considered to be one of the most popular autumn food in Switzerland, as well as in the whole Europe. Basel and Zurich are the cities where the chestnuts are sold directly on the streets and have special carts with the words Heissi Marroni written on them. The smell of nuts, smoke and burning leaf will lead one directly to the source of this irresistible delicacy. The Swiss are very fond of them and tourists coming to visit their country fall quickly in love with the aroma of this dish. The chestnuts are considered to be healthy food as they contain low fat, low calories and an abundance of vitamin C. The preparation is easy, as the Marroni are simply roasted on a grill and served or sold still warm, in paper bags. There is no fall in Switzerland without the flavor of chestnuts in the air.

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Heisse Maroni,

Heissi Marroni (hot roasted chestnuts),

Heisse Maroni,