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Hendl is the Austro-Bavarian word for "chicken", most commonly in a roasted form. The standard German term for this dish is Hähnchen or Brathähnchen, in East Germany it is often called Broiler.

Hendln are traditionally served in Bavarian beer gardens or at festivals such as Oktoberfest, and are generally eaten with a Brezen and a mug of beer. They are also widely available from mobile rotisserie trucks that park near well-frequented locations such as supermarkets or large parking lots.

Before being roasted or grilled the whole chicken is thoroughly seasoned with an amalgam of spices like: salt, ground pepper, paprika, rosemary, cumin, dry mustard or it is marinated in different mixtures, depending on the recipe and the chef that has prepared this dish. The aromas and taste of the chicken are very appetizing and it definitely gains the highest score in one's list of favorite food.

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Bier Hendl,

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