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Hete bliksem

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Hete bliksem (literally Hot Lightning) is a popular dish in Dutch cuisine. It consists of boiled potatoes and green apples, served with "stroop" (syrup) or tossed with diced speck. Apples and potatoes are a wonderful combination, because apples sweeten the potatoes. Another variant of this dish consists of ham and French mustard. This is a traditional winter side dish. For more authenticity slices of blood sausage are used as a garnish for the top of Hete bliksem.

In the east, and in Germany the dish is called "heaven and earth", where heaven refers to the apples that grow in air and soil for the potatoes.

In the north of the Netherlands is known as "stamppot zoetappeltjes" ("sweet apples stew" - only sweet apples are used) or "Pronkjewail" (made from dried apples and soaked).

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Hete Bliksem (Dutch Potato and Apple Mash with Minced Meat and Smoked Bacon),

Hete Bliksem and Gehaktballen (Literally – Hot Lightning and Meatballs),

Hete bliksem,

Hete Bliksem,