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Hofbräuhaus Beer

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The Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München (state court-brewery in Munich, also Hofbräu München) is a brewery in Bavaria, Germany, owned by the state government. The "Hof", meaning "court", comes from the brewery's history as a royal brewery in the Kingdom of Bavaria.

The brewery owns the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, the Hofbräukeller and the second largest tent at the Oktoberfest (Hofbräu-Festzelt); its own brew is the only beer served. The brands of beer served and produced are:

Hofbräu Dunkel is the oldest beer in Bavaria and still has the highest popularity amongst the consumers, it is of 5% alc volume and has a rich aroma of spices that makes it just perfect for any occasion;

Hofbräu Original has become the drink of hospitality in Bavaria, it has a taste and flavor of hops and is claimed to be a perfectly balanced lager;

Hofbräu Hefe Weizen which has a refreshing taste of fruits and makes a sparkling rich foam; it is made according to ancient traditions and technologies;

Hofbräu Maibock appeared on market in 1614, it is stronger than the previous ones, as it has 7.1% alc;

Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier is a light, seasonal beer prepared especially in autumn for Oktoberfest event, when all beer lovers gather together and enjoy the taste and aromas of this traditional drink.

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