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Honeydew sago

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Honeydew sago is a refreshing summer desert, and it is very low in calories. The tapioca pearl and honeydew melon can be found everywhere at Asian grocery shops and markets, especially in summer. The other ingredients used for the dessert preparation are: pandan leaves, water, coconut milk, salt and sugar added depending on the sweetness of the honeydew.


To make the syrup- water, coconut milk and sugar, together with pandan leaves are put into a pot and boiled on medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Then the pandan leaves are removed and the syrup is left to cool. Sago is prepared in a separate big pot with boiling water, stirring well until it is transparent. It usually takes not more than 10 minutes, and is important not to overcook the sago. The honeydew is cut into cubes and blended together with little water to get a honeydew juice.


The dessert is served in large bowls: cubes of melon are put into the bowl together with honeydew juice, poured over with syrup and topped with chilled sago.

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