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Hot and Sour Soup

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Hot and Sour Soup can refer to soups from several Asian culinary traditions. In all cases the soup contains ingredients to make it both spicy and sour.

The Chinese hot and sour soup is usually meat-based, and often contains ingredients such as day lily buds, wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots, and tofu, in a broth that is sometimes flavored with pork blood. It is typically made hot (spicy) by red peppers or white pepper, and sour by vinegar.

Pakistan has its own version of hot and sour soup. It is made by boiling together chicken stock, shredded chicken, cabbage and finely cut strips of carrots, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and crushed chilies. Soup is then thickened with corn flour and egg is added to give the soup really rich flavor. Some of the ingredients that are typical to Chinese cuisine are not added in locally made soup. Soup is typically made spicy by adding red pepper or white pepper and sour by adding vinegar.

In United States of America soup preparation may use chicken or pork broth, or may be meat-free. Common key ingredients in the American Chinese version include bamboo shoots, toasted sesame oil, wood ear, cloud ear fungus, day lily buds, vinegar, egg, corn starch, and white pepper. Other ingredients include button mushrooms and small slices of tofu skin. It is comparatively thicker than the Chinese cuisine versions due to the addition of cornstarch.

Samlor machu pacong, a Cambodian sour soup flavored with lemon, chilis, prawns and/or shrimp. One of the most popular sour soups in Cambodia, it is eaten largely on special occasions.

Tom yum, a Thai soup flavored with lemon grass, lime, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce and chilis

Sour, spicy and savory all at the same time with smooth but crunchy texture, you will surely love a pot of this delicious hot soup.

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