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Hovězí polévka s játrovými knedlíčky

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Hovězí polévka s játrovými knedlíčky (beef soup with liver dumplings) is one of the most appreciated Czech soups. The dish is a popular soup, widely consumed by tourists and locals. An important ingredient in this soup is the dumpling, which adds important flavor. To prepare the soup base, beef neck bones are used, and also ingredients like chopped onions, peeled carrots and tomato paste. These are boiled with water and salt for a couple of hours. The dumplings are prepared in a large bowl by combining liver, egg, garlic, spices to taste, and bread crumbs. All the ingredients are mixed well and formed into small walnut-sized balls, then boiled for about 10 minutes. Dumplings and soup are served in individual bowls, flavored with fresh marjoram and parsley.

The dish is a favorite appetizer before a big feast of fry meat and one of the distinctive Czech meals. Most Czech restaurants offer a wonderful selection of appetizers to start off your meal with soup being the most famous option for warming up your taste buds.

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