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Huzarensalade is a delicious Dutch salad which can be served both as a salad meal or as a starter. It is mostly a festive dish, served at special occasions such as weddings and birthdays parties. It is quite unusual and beautifully decorated. The salad is made with cooked and diced ham, apples, boiled potatoes, pickles, can corn, can beets, mayonnaise, ketchup, salt and pepper. It is typically decorated with boiled eggs, sliced tomato, lettuce, parsley. The preparation is not difficult, as the ingredients of the salad are simply cut in pieces and mixed. It gets a special reddish color due to beets. If you want to intensify the color, some beet juice will be just perfect.

In order to serve the dish, lettuce leaves are placed on a plate and the salad is piled on it. The dish is decorated with ketchup by spreading it over the salad. It is usually left aside for two hours before serving.

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