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Hyldeblomstsaft or Elderflower cordial is a soft drink made largely from a refined sugar and water solution and uses the flowers of the elderberry, also called the sambucus nigra. Historically the cordial has been popular in North Western Europe where it has a strong Victorian heritage, however versions of an elderflower cordial recipe can be traced back to Roman times and nowadays it can be found in almost all of the former Roman Empire territory, predominant in Central Europe, especially in Germany, Austria and Romania where people have acquired a special taste for it and still make it in the traditional way. In some countries the drink can be found as an aromatic syrup, sold as a concentrated squash that is mixed with still or sparkling water, to make a refreshing, non-alcoholic, summertime drink.

The cordial is made by steeping the Elderflower heads in a concentrated sugar solution so the flavour is infused into the syrup. The flowers are then removed and a source of citric acid and lemon juice is added to help preserve the cordial and add tartness. The mixture is then covered and left to infuse before being strained to release as much juice as possible. For drinking the cordial is typically diluted with either water or sparkling water though tonic, soda or gin are also used.

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How to make elderflower cordial and wine ,

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How to make elderflower cordial and wine ,