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Iahnie de fasole

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Baked beans

Iahnie de fasole (baked beans), is a traditional Romanian food and is found in almost all areas of Romania and Republic of Moldova. This dish should not be confused with the beaten beans. Iahnie de fasole is made out of beans, onions, carrots, oil and vegetable broth. Preparation is simple, as onions and carrots are cooked in oil, then broth is added. When these ingredients are almost cooked they are poured over the boiled beans, after which the dish is cooked for another 30 minutes or so.

There are several varieties of this dish: Iahnie de fasole which is made with vegetable broth and Iahnie de fasole made with sausages, bacon or any other kind of meat.

Iahnie de fasole is specifically cooked on December 1st, which is The National Day of Romania. For this holiday the dish is served with ham or sausage and pickles.

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White Beans Stew - Iahnie de fasole,

Iahnie de fasole,