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Inka is a Polish roasted grain beverage. Developed in the late 1960s during communist rule, Inka has been produced in Skawina since 1971, a centre of coffee production since the early 20th century. While it was used in part as a coffee substitute to alleviate coffee shortages in the 1970s, Inka remains popular, in part to the fact that it is caffeine-free. It is imported to the United States as Naturalis Inka in packaging reminiscent of that used in Poland in the 1980s.

Inka is a roasted mixture of rye, barley, chicory, and sugar beet. Cereals make up 72 % of the content and there are no artificial ingredients or other additives. Its manufacturer, Biogran, also manufactures similar beverages for export.

There are the following varieties of Inka:

  • Inka Classic
  • Inka Pro-Health - fortified with additional magnesium.
  • Inka Flavoured - three varieties: with Chocolate, Milk (contains sugar), or Caramel.

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