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Insalata Verde Milanese

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Insalata Verde Milanese (Milanese green salad) is a typical dish of Milan and very popular outside it as well. It usually contains spinach leaves, garlic, onion, lettuce, dry mustard, olive oil, wine vinegar, pepper and salt. Some restaurants in Milan offer a combination of these classical ingredients with pears, crumbled walnuts, beans, gorgonzola cheese and honey. The spinach is washed, dried and placed in a large bowl; oil vinegar and honey are whisked together till they get a thick structure. Pears, onions, and spinaches are tossed together and sprinkled with the vinaigrette, finishing the salad with gorgonzola and nuts added in the serving plates. The wonderful, light crunch given by the sweet pears and the buttery texture from the cheese make this salad people’s pleasure.

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Insalata Verde Milanese (Milanese Green Salad),

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