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Insalata di Formaggi di Capra

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Isalata di fromagi 01.jpg

Insalata di Formaggio di Capra (green salad with goat cheese) is an ideal start for a summer meal which can also be a copious lunch with the addition of some crispy Italian bread, olives and cured meats. The primary ingredients to this salad are mixed greens and goat cheese (Chevin), olive oil, salt and pepper. The preparation is even more than easy as the salad leaves are arranged on a plate, then seasoning from oil, vinegar, salt and pepper is tossed on them, finally, enriching its components with some pieces (either evenly cut or crumbled) of goat cheese spread on the top. A variety of other ingredients (oranges, pears, tomatoes, nuts, garlic, Italian meat prosciutto, etc.) are also added to the classical list, giving flavor, color and taste to this salad.

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Insalata di Formaggio di Capra - grilled goats cheese & sundried tomato salad with roasted pine-nuts & marinated zucchini,

Crunchy Green Salad with Goat Cheese and Warm Bacon Vinaigrette,