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Irmik Helvası

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Turkish halva is considered the best in the world. Visitors to Istanbul will be confused by a variety of halva types sold everywhere at local shops and markets.

Irmik Helvası or Semolina halva (garnished with pine nuts) is one of the most popular and delicious desserts to come out of the Turkish cuisine. It has a cultural significance in Turkish folk religion and is the most common type, prepared in almost every household for special occasions, religious or funeral feasts.

It is a flour-based type of halva, slightly gelatinous and made from semolina. The primary ingredients are butter, flour, water, sugar and pine nuts or any other nuts. Irmik Helvası is also used as a component for other Turkish desserts. The dessert is traditionally served as a snack and sold firmly-packed in small pieces.

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