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Jókai bableves

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Jókai bableves is a very popular and delicious bean soup in Hungary. It was named after the 19th-century Hungarian novelist Mór Jókai, who preferred bean soup with smoked pork trotters. Vegetables and smoked sausage were later on added to the original Jokai bableves soup.

Among the soup's ingredients are smoked pork hock, carrot, parsnip, celery, lard, flour, garlic onion, white vinegar, sour cream and dry beans (pinto), the last being usually left to soak overnight in lukewarm water.

Jókai Bableves is a hearty spicy winter soup with a rich flavor.

According to a web vote, Jókai Bableves was in the top 10 list of Hungary's most popular and favorite dishes.

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Jókai Bableves,

Bean Soup a la Jokai – Jokai Bableves,

Jókai Bean Soup (Hungarian: Jókai bableves),