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Jachtschotel (literally 'Hunters' Stew) is a popular dish throughout the Netherlands and is an excellent way of using left-over meat and potatoes. Despite its name, it has very little to do with game in its current form. This is a warm dish that can be served for lunch, or as a late afternoon snack before a late dinner. The stew is made with cold boiled potatoes, meat leftovers, onion, butter, grated apple, diluted meat drippings, breadcrumbs. It is typically seasoned with pepper and ground cloves. In an ovenproof dish, the potatoes, meat, onion and grated apples are put in layers. The final layer usually consists of the remaining potatoes topped with some breadcrumbs and butter. The dish is cooked until it has a golden brown crust.

This traditional, old-fashioned Dutch dish might be accompanied by such side dishes as apple sauce or green beans with almonds and others.

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