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Jerusalem Mixed Grill

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Jerusalem mixed grill, or Meurav Yerushalmi, consists of mixed grill of chicken giblets and lamb with onion, garlic and spices. It is one of Jerusalem’s most popular and profitable street foods.

Meurav Yerushalmi (in Hebrew: מעורב ירושלמי; the verbal meaning is Jerusalem mix) is an Israeli dish made of frying meat in the frying pan or in the barbecue. It's used to prepare the dish mainly from offals such as liver, heart and breast of turkey, and onion and cooked it with condiments like cumin and turmeric.

The dish born in the 1960s, in one of the steak house in Agripas Street in Jerusalem, near to Mahane Yehuda Market (there are some steak houses that claims they invent it). During the years different restaurants in Israel started to prepare it, and manufacture it industrially.

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