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Jever is a German beer brand, named after the town of Jever where it is brewed by the "Friesisches Brauhaus zu Jever" (the Jever Frisian Brewery) since 1848.


Diedrich König was the founder of the brewery and from the very beginning he was convinced that his beer was something special. After his death in 1867 his son sold the brewery to Theodor Fetköter, who began by developing the small family business into a large brewery operation, began advertising and developed special bottles. In 1922 the brewery was sold once again to the Bavaria - St. Pauli Brewery brewery, based in Hamburg. Today the Bavaria - St. Pauli Brewery is owned by the Danish Carlsberg Group and by this time beer from Jever was known outside the region where it was produced and from 1934 was sold under the name Jever Pilsener, by which name it is known today.

Jever Pilsener comes in green bottles or cans; it is of light yellow color and has a fine hop-based flavor and taste. It has a medium carbonation, a foamy head and a moderate lacing. The aroma is rather strong and combines notes of malt, herbal hop and alcohol. This beer cannot be rated as a surprisingly special one but in general, it is considered to be a good beverage with mostly positive reviews.

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