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Jiû-hî ke (魷魚羹)

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Jiu-hi ke 10.jpg

Jiû-hî ke (魷魚羹) is a thick soup which became a part of Taiwanese fish culture. The locals prefer it especially in the morning as they consider it to be healthy, rich in omega 3s and extremely cheap. The best fish for this dish is cuttlefish or milkfish, the white meat species. Common ingredients are: fish meat, tofu (optional), basil, soup stock, salt, ginger, rice wine, bamboo sprouts, pepper, black vinegar, cilantro, sesame oil, green onions. Preparation is easy; the soup stock is brought to simmer, and then cuttlefish meat which is given shape by hand or just cut in big pieces and is placed in the pot together with the rest of ingredients. When the fish is ready, it is poured in a soup bowl, and served with chopped basil, green onions and springs of coriander. To add taste to the soup, one may pour in some Taiwanese black vinegar, salt and white pepper.

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