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Kaesspaetzle 01.jpg

Kässpätzle is a Bavarian dish, typically made during the Lent time and enjoyed a lot by the locals and all who love pasta, cheese and fried onions. The ingredients used to cook this are: flour, eggs, salt, butter, cheese, onions, and chives.


Flour, eggs and salt are well combined into dough, which is left aside to rest for some time; onions are sliced and browned in hot butter. In a large pot, water with salt is brought to boil, into which Spätzle are tossed and left to simmer till they rise to the surface, after which they are carefully collected with a spoon and drained. Kässpätzle are served abundantly sprinkled with grated cheese, topped with fried onions and decorated with chopped chives.

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Kässpätzle and Eiernockerl,

Goodbye Käsespätzle,

Frolicking in Füssen: Part two - The Kässpätzle,