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Köfte (Meatball)

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Köfte (Azerbaijan: "küftə"; Bosnia and Herzegovina: "ћуфтa" (ćufta); Serbia: "ћуфтa" (ćufta) or "ћуфтe" (ćufte)) is a delicious meatball or meatloaf dish. Köfte is a hugely popular meal in Turkish cuisine, where it is prepared in many variations. Grilled köftes are usually made of minced ground meat (lamb or beef) mixed with onions, garlic, salt, black pepper, ground cumin, mint and parsley. Cooked köftes are often served with rice or in pita bread with yoghurt or tahini sauce.

Vegetarian version of köfte (lauki köfte, shahi aloo köfte) is popular in India. Bengal köftes commonly contain minced goat meat mixed with green bananas, prawns, fish and cabbage. Other recipes of tasty köftes are also popular in North Africa, the Mediterranean, Balkans and Asia.

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