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Kaassoufle or Kaassouflé is a typical Dutch cheese snack popular in the Netherlands and is thought to originate from Indonesian street food.

The main ingredients that go into kaassoufle are: butter or margarine, flour, mustard/nutmeg, salt, pepper, milk, Gouda cheese and eggs.

This popular fast food in Dutch cuisine is a souffle with liquid cheese deep fried inside a crispy breadcrumb crust and one of the few vegetarian fast-food snacks available. Kaassouffle is available at many fast-food vendors, and is most widely available in a Dutch snackbar such as the chain FEBO or Smullers. A unique aspect of purchasing a kaassouffle from the Dutch snackbar is that it can be purchased with coins directly from an automat vending machine and it is one of the most accessible food choices very late at night.

Kaassouffle is also a popular snack often served at a borrel, a informal Dutch gathering with drinks and snacks. Typically shaped as a large rectangle measuring 4" x 2" it can be found in miniature versions as well.

A kaassouffle can be consumed in various ways. It is either eaten on its own, with mustard on the side, or inside a bun.

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Kaas soufflé,

I really like the kaassoufle from NL, anyone has the recipe of it? thanks to share it with me..?,