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Kabak Salatası

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Kabak Salatasi 04.jpg

Kabak Salatası is a fantastic zucchini appetizer traditionally served at an authentic Turkish dinner during summer time, and as a dish to share with friends at an afternoon tea. This delicious salad has a very simple recipe and is easy to make, but is so delicious that even those who don't like zucchini might ask for the recipe. It is perfect with fresh dill or mint. The zucchini is coarsely grated and drained of excess liquid, then cooked in a pan with oil until is tender, and chilled. When zucchini gets cold, it is added to yogurt mixed with chopped garlic and other components such as dill, fresh mint, crushed walnuts and aromatic spices. Kabak Salatası is usually served with any kind of pogača (a type of Turkish puff pastry).

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Zucchini Salad with Yogurt (Yoğurtlu Kabak Salatası),


Kabak Salatası Tarifi,