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Kabak Tatlısı

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Kabak Tatlısı an easy-to-make traditional Turkish dessert, that will make you look at pumpkin from absolutely different side. Turks are able to make every fruit or vegetable so sweet, mouth melting and attractive that you'll dream to come back here again. Few ingredients are used for this superb dessert preparation: pumpkin, sugar, lemon juice, cloves and walnuts. The pumpkin and sugar are used in 1:1.5 ratio. The pumpkin is cut into cubes, stirred with sugar and left sit overnight. Sugar lets pumpkin juice draw out. When pumpkin is covered with syrup, it is put in a pot and simmered together with several cloves and lemon juice until it gets its bright orange colour and is soft. Kabak Tatlısı is traditionally served with crushed walnuts or coconut flakes and Turkish cream, kaymak.

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Kabak tatlısı,

Turkish Pumpkin Dessert (Kabak Tatlısı),

Turkish Kabak Tatlisi (Poached Pumpkin),