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Kalbs bratwurst

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Kalbs bratwurst is the most famous Swiss sausage that has a wide reputation of a perfect snack, typically served and well-sold during national holidays like Switzerland’s National Day or any other festivals and fests. Otherwise called, St. Gallen's bratwurst, it is the oldest of the veal sausages which consists of veal, bacon and milk; the recipe dating back to 1438. Although, many years have passed the methods of preparation and ingredients for the sausage did not change much, with the exception of some additional spices being used and the production technology. The Kalbs bratwurst is white in color, that comes from the milk, and is classically barbecued. The Swiss claim that mustard should not be served with it because it only spoils the taste, but, it’s the customer’s choice. In 2007, St. Gallen’s Kalb bratwurst was given a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) quality award, the fact which definitely increased the product’s popularity.

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