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Kalter Braten

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Kalter Braten is roasted pork meat, traditionally served cold and which has become a popular course starter in Munich and in the whole country of Germany. The recipes and ingredients used to prepare this dish are various, as there is no standard method of cooking it, all depending on chef's taste, imagination and desire. Basically, Kalter Braten consists of: boneless pork, salt, oil, vegetable broth, marjoram, pepper, red wine, flour and cream (for the sauce which is optional gravy for the dish). Preparation is not complicated as the meat is treated with salt, pepper and spices and baked in the oven. When ready, it is cooled and served on a large plate being thinly cut and either poured with a cream, flour, stock and red wine sauce or presented as it is, garnished with vegetables, pickles and green herbs.

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Kalter Braten,

Fl/Rind: Kalter Braten " a la Roastbeef ",

Kalter Braten von der Hänchenbrust,