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Kaminari-Okoshi represents a popular Japanese sweet. It is made by boiling steamed sweet rice to pop mixed with such ingredients like: starch syrup, rice, peanut, sesame, salt and laver. Due to its coloring agent, Kaminari-Okoshi becomes a tasty colorful snack, that is crunchy and crispy.

There are various types of Kaminari-Okoshi, all of them being characterized by a crispy texture and a flavor of peanut and sesame that taste absolutely delicious. This dish is not so sweet.

Initially, this snack was sold by street salespersons. Nowadays, kaminari-Okoshi is considered a national Asakusa souvenir. There is a belief that the word "okoshi" derives from the Japanese verb "okosu," meaning "to establish" a family or a name, and due to this fact it is considered to bring good-luck.

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