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Karideş Güveç

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Karideş Güveç is a delicious seafood dish served everywhere at Istanbul restaurants. It is translated as Shrimp Stew. Due to the fact that is cooked slowly in a earthenware pot, the dish gets a wonderful flavor and tender taste, and is low in calories. The traditional Turkish style Karideş Güveç includes raw peeled shrimps, onion, garlic cloves, cumin, paprika, white mushrooms, diced tomato, parsley, mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper. First, chopped onion and garlic (traditionally cooked whole) are sauteed in a pot, then mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes are added. When mushrooms are soft, the shrimps are stirred in and cooked for several minutes, after that the pot is placed in baking oven. When the shrimps are almost ready, the dish is covered with cheese, and baked until golden brown. Turks like Karideş Güveç with plain steamed rice.

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