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Kaymaklı Kuru Kayısı

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Kaymaklı Kuru Kayısı is a Turkish dessert, special for its tender taste, nutrient features, and easy preparation. It is a Cream-Stuffed Apricots dessert, served both in local restaurants and households.

The dried apricots are soaked overnight, then cooked in water with sugar until syrup thickens; lemon juice is added and removed from the heat. The chilled soft apricots are opened and stuffed with cream or sweet cheese. The dessert is served with the syrup poured over, and garnished with grated pistachio nuts, or coconut flakes.

Apricots are widely grown in Turkey. They accumulate the energy of the sun during the hot summer months, and give it to people in the cold winter remembering of great sunny days. There is also an apricot fair held early in many Turkish regions.

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