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Kazandibi is a fantastic Istanbul specialty. This is a caramelized Turkish milk pudding made with rice flour. The preparation method is very simple and needs a little time. The ingredients used to make the mouth melting Kazandibi are milk, cornstarch, rice flour, sugar powder, vanilla powder and butter. While the mixture of milk, sugar and vanilla is boiling, the rice flour together with cornstarch are dissolved in little milk. Then the mixture is added to the boiling milk and boiled until it thickens. The thick milk batter is poured in a pan greased with butter, powdered with sugar powder and cooked on a low heat for half an hour, then chilled. Kazandibi is usually served with ice cream in summer, with cinnamon alongside Turkish coffee, or even hot.

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Kazandibi Traditional Turkish Desert,

Turkish Dishes: Kazandibi (Pot-Bottom Dessert),