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Keşkül is a divine Turkish dessert with tender milk taste and melting in mouth texture. It is an almond based milk pudding usually served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. Often garnished with coconut shaving or pistachio nuts and is off-white in colour. There were a lot of small pudding shops called muhallebici, serving different types of Turkish puddings in the past. Having a friendly atmosphere, they played a special role in local life. As they were few in number, people bought puddings only for special occasions. And at those times a pudding shop was considered a meeting place for lovers, because when a young man invited a young woman for a pudding to muhallebici, she knew that he is going to declare his love to her. Keşkül is even more delicious served with ice-cream, which will refresh not only one's taste, but one's heart as well.

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