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Keks Torta


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Keks torta, literally translated as “biscuit cake”, is a popular dessert dish in Montenegro, and not only, as it is prepared in many countries from Europe and is typically made for all occasions like national holidays, family reunions, birthdays or simple weekends. The ingredients used to cook such a delicacy are: biscuits, black coffee, milk, flour, vanilla sugar, egg yolks, powdered sugar, butter or margarine and dark chocolate.


Egg yolks are whisked with vanilla sugar, flour and cold milk, which is all poured into boiling milk, well stirred until thick and mixed with melted chocolate. The cream is chilled and combined with beaten butter and sugar; biscuits are dipped in coffee, arranged on a tray and spread with chocolate cream. The cake is easy to prepare, it is aromatic and tasty, being well complemented with good tea, coffee or any other non alcoholic beverage.


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