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Kenchin Vegetable Soup

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Kenchin-style Vegetable Soup is a warming soup prepared from root vegetables grilled in sesame oil and simmered afterward in a konbu-seasoned bouillon. There can also be added soy sauce or miso, this giving the dish a stronger essence. The white powder on the top of dried kombu intensifies the flavor.

Natural and healthy, the Kenchin-style Vegetable Soup is made from fresh vegetables. For monks who spend most of their life in a severe self-discipline, this dish became a way of life and also a stimulating factor.

According to a Zen belief, dissolving a piece of tofu into the soup for everybody to share is a model of how the meal should be divided between the residents of a temple, no matter of their status.

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Kenchin-style Vegetable Soup,

Kenchin-style Vegetable Soup,

Kenchin Style Vegetable Soup,