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Kidney bean rolls (Yun Dou Juan, 芸豆卷)

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Yun Dou Juan

Yun dou juan (芸豆卷) is a traditional Beijing desert made of kidney bean paste and red bean paste. Yun dou juan usually has a rectangular shape with white kidney bean paste on the outside and red bean paste in the middle.

Yun dou juan started out as a street desert consumed by common people. The story says that on a hot summer day, during the reign of Guang Xu Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi heard the holler of a stall holder from outside the Forbidden City. The vendor was called in and Ci Xi liked the taste of Yun Dou Juan so much that she kept the vendor at the court to make the desert for the royal family.

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Yun dou juan,

Kidney beans rolling (Yun Dou Juan),