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Knackwurst may refer to a variety of different sausage types, depending on the geographical region.

In America, Knackwurst may refer to a short, plump sausage originating from the Holstein region in Germany. They contain ground veal, ground pork, and fresh garlic stuffed into hog casings; the sausages are aged for two to five days, then smoked over oak wood and often prepared highly seasoned.


The German noun Knackwurst, which in English is sometimes corrupted as knockwurst, comes from the German words knacken ("to crack") or knackig ("crisp"). This refers to the swelling of the sausage during cooking, so that the skin becomes pressurized and balloon-like, and tends to "pop," often exploding the juices, when bitten into.

In Great Britain, knockwurst sausage has become associated with the BBC television series "Allo 'Allo!" following several references to the sausage being used to hide the stolen picture of the "fallen Madonna with the big boobies" by Van Klomp.

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