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Knedlíky (boiled and sliced bread dumplings) are one of the mainstays of Czech cuisine and are quite often served with various dishes or any meal that has sauce as an accompaniment. They can be wheat or potato based, and are sometimes made from a combination of wheat flour and stale bread or rolls. Even though they are large in size when cooked, Knedlíky are served cut into slices. In contrast to Austrian cuisine, this type occurs more often than the one where Knedlíky is shaped in small balls. The smaller dumplings are usually potato-based.

Knedlíky recipes vary widely, the most common being the bread dumplings. There are also fruit dumpling versions, so called švestkové knedlíky (with plums) and meruňkové knedlíky (with apricots), which can be served as a main dish. The dumplings can also be filled with smoked pork, accompanied by sauce and cabbage or minced up and eaten as an omelet with a few eggs.

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