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Koe-á bah (瓜仔肉)

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Koe-á bah (瓜仔肉) - steamed pork patty with Taiwanese Style pickled cucumber. The technology and recipe of this dish have very much in common with Ló•-bah-pn̄g, the difference being only the fact that the pork is minced and mixed with pickled cucumbers, which give a taste of saltiness to the sweetness of the meat. The ingredients that make this dish are minced pork, Taiwanese pickled cucumber, oil, shallot onion, minced ginger, garlic, anise, sesame oil and a stalk of scallion. The seasoning serves Chinese rice wine, soy sauce, soy sauce paste, white pepper and sugar.


Minced pork is mixed with cucumber, then added to the slightly fried onion and steamed until ready. Chopped pickled cucumbers are sprinkled in together with the sauce made from seasoning ingredients and finally garnished with scallions and sesame oil it is served with rice or porridge.

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Taiwanese Minced Pork with Pickled Cucumber (瓜子肉燥),

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