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Koffie verkeerd

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A "koffie verkeerd" in Amsterdam

Koffie verkeerd is the Dutch version of a "Café au Lait". It is called koffie verkeerd which means literally "wrong-way-round-coffee" or "coffee wrong", meaning that it contains too much milk compared with a "normal" coffee with milk. A traditional Dutch koffie verkeerd is made with filter coffee, does not contain foamed milk and resembles a French "Café au Lait", but due to the fact that most venues now use espresso machines, the Italian version with a "Caffè lungo" at its base and a layer of foamed milk, is more commonly found. In Belgium, this drink is called "lait russe".

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Koffie verkeerd,

Koffie verkeerd,

Koffie verkeerd of verkeerde koffie?,