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Kolache (also spelled kolace, kolach, or kolacky, from the Czech and Slovak plural koláče) is a type of pastry consisting of a semi-sweet yeast dough baked with fillings such as fruits, poppyseed, prunes, and cream cheese, often served open-faced, and topped with a topping such as popsika (a crumbled mixture of sugar, flour and butter).

Unlike recent American usage, the Czech word "koláče" is a plural word. A single pastry is called a "koláč" or "koláček". The term "koláč" in the modern Czech language simply means any of a variety of cakes, always sweet. A related dish is a klobasnek or klobasniki, which often uses similar bread but is filled with a piece of sausage. Purists assert that these are mistakenly referred to as kolaches. They may also contain ham and cheese, sausage, jalapeño slices, and resemble a "pig in a blanket". There is also a sweet and flaky filled pastry with Polish origins called Kolacz.

Several cities, including Prague, Oklahoma, Caldwell, East Bernard, and Texas hold annual Kolache Festival celebrations. Prague, Nebraska, claims to be known as the home of the world's largest kolache. West, Texas, claims the title of "Kolache Capital of Texas."

Still other communities in the United States hold Czech-American festivals, where kolaches may be found. It was the sweet chosen to represent the Czech Republic in the Café Europe initiative of the Austrian presidency of the European Union, on Europe Day 2006.

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