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Kopytka, kapytki (literally "little hooves") are a kind of potato dumpling. They are very similar to gnocchi although they are typically served baked with cheese, fried bacon or onion. The dish is a part of Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish cuisines. It traditionally includes grated potato and flour and some additional ingredients such as eggs, salt, seasonings.

The Polish dish is usually just cooked in salted water; while in Belarusian and Lithuanian cuisines karytki is baked first, then stewed or boiled in water.


The word kopytka [kopyto, "hoof", kopytko "little hoof", neuter singular nouns] is Polish for "little hooves," such as those of a small hoofed animal (for example, a goat). Kapytki is the Belarusian word for the same concept. Both refer to the structure of these dumplings, which are formed in the shape of hooves.

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Polish Kopytka (Potato Dumplings),