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Traditional Krakow Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Krakow is complete without tasting the traditional Krakow food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Krakow to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.




  • Avocado salad: salad with avocado and a variety of other ingredients, like tomatoes, onions, etc.
  • Broccoli Salad: raw broccoli is always accompanied with diced onions and crispy fried bacon cut into stripes.
  • Lettuce with salmon: salad with flaked salmon and lettuce leaves.
  • Polish Marinated Beet Salad: canned beets, red onion, red leaf lettuce, golden raisins, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.
  • Potato salad: potatoes, meat and other in mayonnaise dressing.
  • Rice with chicken: salad from cooked rice, cut chicken breast and a variety of other components.

Main courses


Fast food

Street food

Drinks (Non-alcoholic)

  • Caffè espresso: a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee.
  • Inka: a Polish roasted grain beverage.

Drinks (Alcoholic)

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