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Krakowska (pronounced: krah-KOV-skah) is a type of Polish sausage (kielbasa), usually served as a cold cut. The name derives from South-East Poland’s city of Kraków (medieval capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth till late 16th century).

It is made from cuts of lean pork, seasoned with pepper, allspice, coriander, and garlic, packed into large casings, and smoked.

In the English speaking countries it is often called after the German translation of the masculine noun for an inhabitant of Kraków (Polish "Krakowianin"), "Krakauer" sausage (pronounced: krah-COW-er).

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Krakowska Sausage (Kielbasa krakowska krajana),

Kielbasa Krakowska Sucha - Dry Krakow Sausage,