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Krentenwegge, literally translated as raisin bread, it is not only known for its excellent flavor, but also because of the extremely large size of the raisin. It is often classified as a sweet bread and is sometimes combined with cinnamon sugar. In the Netherlands, this kind of cake is particularly eaten on birthdays and when a baby is born.

Krentenwegge is made with flour, eggs, salt, milk, yeast, butter, cinnamon, orange peel. The bread is baked in an oven until tender and brown. The secret of a savory raisin bread lies in the baking process. Like a rye bread, the raisin one should be baked in an preheated oven of 200 degrees, but without covering it. Bakers call this "baking in an descending oven". The baking process takes about 60 minutes. Then it is removed from the oven and brushed with melted butter (delicious but the flavour is a bit dull) or oil (a little less savory, but very shiny). Some bakers make the bread more attractive by adding a layer of white icing or jam. Sometimes they are provided with congratulations written on top.

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