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Krustenbraten is a traditional Bavarian dish which is made from pork meat that is roasted until becomes crispy. The meat is used together with crackling which is commonly cut into small cubes, thus giving the dish a nice look when set on the table. Other ingredients used to cook this food are: olive oil, salt, flour, dry cider or apple juice and black pepper.


The skin of the pork meat is criss-crossed and rubbed with oil and salt and after that it is roasted for a couple of hours. A sauce is made from juice and fat left from the roasted meat, which are combined with flour, cider or apple juice, salt and ground pepper. Krustenbraten is served hot, abundantly poured with the gravy and accompanied by any side dishes like cabbage or potato salad, vegetables, etc.

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KRUSTENBRATEN :Crispy Pork with crackling,