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Kueh tutu

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Kueh Tutu is a traditional Singaporean delicacy. Made primarily from rice flour or glutinous rice flour, the light snack contains either ground peanut and sugar or shredded coconut as filling. The typical method of preparation involves rapid steaming of the flour and the filling. A special mould is used to create flower like form for the cakes. The filling is fried on low heat with palm sugar, then put into the mould, sealed with another layer of flour and put into a steamer. Once ready, the Tutu is served on pandan leaves to add fragrance.

The history of Kueh Tutu’s origin tells that the recipe originated from Fujian Province in China. Tan Yong Fa brought and sold this delicious snack in the first half of the 20th century in Singapore. But the Chinese cake was larger in size and with no filling. The dish got its name from the sound of steamers used to cook Kueh Tutu.

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