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Kumpir (baked potato)

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Kumpir, a baked potato with various fillings, is a popular fast food in Turkey. In its basic form, it is made with potatoes that are wrapped with foil and baked in special ovens. The potatoes are cut straight down the middle and the insides are mixed with unsalted butter and puréed with kaşar cheese. However, all sorts of foods can be added to the potato: mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, sweetcorn, sausage slices, carrots, mushrooms, sliced green and black olives, steamed peas and Russian salad.

Baked potato is popular in United Kingdom (where is called a jacket potato and commonly topped with cheese & beans, tuna mayonnaise, chili con carne and chicken & bacon), France, Russia and Sweden (filled with a seafood mix called Skagenröra).

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Kumpir (baked potato),

Kumpir ,

Kumpir (baked potato),