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Kurt (құрт)

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Kurt represents a traditional dish in the Kazakh cuisine that is prepared from dried cheese and whey. The thick sour cream is pressed and is dried until white and salty. The dish may take various shapes, these including balls, strips or even arranged into chunks. The size of it also tends to vary.

In order for the kurt not to taste bitter and have a tough texture, it should be dried in a shady place. Drying it in a windy place would prevent it from becoming moldy. When they didn't have bread, Kazakhs used to spread butter on Kurt and serve it along with a cup of tea.

Kurt is widely consumed throughout Central Asia, mainly in such countries as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Mongolia. In Inner Mongolia, kurt tends to be flavoured and distributed as candy. When it is dissolved in water, this constitutes the main ingredient of qurutob, a traditional Persian course in Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iran. One of the main dishes in Afghanistan is Kichree Qurut, made with mung beans, rice and qurut dissolved in water.


Kurt is also known as қурут (Tajik), курут [qurút] (Kyrgyz), kurut (Turkish), qort (Tatar), qurut (Azerbaijani), and ааруул (Mongolian).

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