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Kuzu Güveç

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As most Turkish Muslims do not consume pork, lamb became their favorite meat, and is included in many traditional recipes. One of them is Kuzu Güveç, which is literally translated as "Lamb Casserole". As steaming in casserole gives a special flavor and tenderness to the dish, it is highly appreciated both by Turks and Istanbul visitors. The dish is ideal for those with healthy style of life, as it includes a variety of vegetables, and steaming helps save their healthy features. The ingredients used for Kuzu Güveç preparation are lamb meat cut into small pieces, garlic cloves, tomato puree and fresh tomatoes, olive oil, green pepper, water and salt. Pieces of lamb are stirred in a saucepan with hot oil for several minutes, then all the other ingredients are added and simmered for another ten minutes. When the lamb gets flavored, it is placed in casserole and baked. Kuzu Güveç is enjoyed on its own, with plain rice or potato puree.

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Lamb and Veggie Casserole (Kuzu Etli Guvec),

Lamb Stew (Kuzu Güveç),