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Kwaśnica is a sauerkraut soup and a traditional dish of Polish cuisine. The soup is fatty and very sour in taste, as sour cabbage and the juice of fermented cabbage is added to the broth while cooking; it contains also fat pork meat. Kwaśnica is prepared in a special way, being somehow similar to the simple cabbage soup, the difference between the two is that the first one does not contain vegetables like carrots, tomatoes. The ingredients traditionally used for preparing this soup are: pork ribs, smoked bacon with bone (necessarily), sauerkraut and cabbage juice, potatoes, mushrooms (optionally), onion, garlic and various spices such as marjoram, bay leaf, basil, oregano, mint and black pepper. Kwaśnica is usually garnished with parsley and eaten accompanied by potatoes or bread.

There are several variations on the soup recipe. Soup made of fish heads broth is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve in Żywiec. The nutrient fish heads soup is also very acidic and has a specific fish taste a bit like Hungarian Halaszle.

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Polish - soup "Kwaśnica" with "Kaposta",