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Lázeňské Oplatky

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Lázeňské oplatky (English:spa wafers, Slovak: kúpeľné oplátky) are a type of traditional Czech sweet dish which is made of two sweet crispy wafers, often thin and flat, usually filled with cream and seasoned with various toppings. They come in many flavors, the most favorite being chocolate, the only ones that can be heated. They often have a wavy surface but may also be marked with the badge of the food's manufacturer or may be formless. They can be served plain or heated and garnished with sugar or cinnamon.

These delicacies come from two important Czech spa cities, being usually served in spa resorts, and not only (can be easily found in Prague). The origin of spa wafers dates back to 1856, their form and aroma being still the same. They are also widely spread among locals and tourists due to their high quality and special taste.

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